Baned or restricted


CHECK with GM for approval:

Rebuilt template: now you get an ability every 2 levels so it is spread out over 20 levels

Wealth feat
the eternal template
Exemplar Creature
Mythic Creature
Eternal via simple monster templates
Select spell feat NOT to be used as a swiss army knife: needs a more concentrated effect. either a reduced list or a common theme. Subject to Gm removal at his discretion

Anything that converts spell slots into something else like a pool

Double stacking a feat that reduces the cost of another feat can’t be used together unless they are prerequisites for each other.

May only take either the essence mastery feat or blood casting/power feat. Not both.


essence mastery : you can pick 1 list each time you take the feat. with any spell chosen with this feat must come from core wotc unless you have a class/prestige from the book you are taking the spell from.

blood casting or blood power or like: these feats and any other that allows a caster to cast a spell without losing a slot will now require magical healing to heal the hp/damage taken.

regen must have a listed weakness default is fire & acid if not stated and may not be used with die hard or anything that grants immunity to magic

Baned or restricted

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