Basic Character Generation Rules
Prohibited Races or Templates
Any has the Incorporeal sub type. The race must have a purpose to quest (No oozes, No Non-Intelligent Constructs). The race must be become tiny to large sized when finished.
MAY NOT take any class that breaks a race into levels.

Step 1 – Select Your Character
The option combos are:

Playable Race + Template(s)

“Playable Race”Option You may select any race (barring races that fall into the above categories) that has an “as a Character” section. You gain everything listed in that section like Feats, Special Qualities, Special Attacks, racial bonuses and penalties, size, natural armor and languages. You do not gain racial HD, nor the skill points that would be received from those HD. You do, however, receive all skills listed in the race’s stats as class skills permanently.

“Template” Option You may select any template. You gain everything listed in that entry like Feats, Special Qualities (except racial HD), Special Attacks, racial bonuses and penalties, size, natural armor and languages. All templates are subject to DM approval. Any race that increases CR as HD grows may be stopped at set points.

Gestalt Characters
-Can have up to 4 CR total. Otherwise follow the rules listed in standard characters
-Can not stack prestige levels to permit multiple level gains in the same class. A class can only progress once per level. You may prestige on both sides as long as 1 class does not gain a benefit twice at that level.
-Can choose playable races, and templates, with previous restrictions. The other option is monsters plus templates. All other rules apply.

— If you take any templates/ race beyond a total of four you’ll have to buy off the difference with class levels across the board. For Ex: if i chose a CR 5 race instead of starting off as 10 /10 i’d be a 9 / 9 with everything associated with being 9th not a 10th pc.

— The Template CR max a pc may have is based on the stat that governs bonus HP ( normally CON ). regardless of Con Mod a Pc can have 4 Cr of templates. Any CR above 4 must have a stat modifier equal to the grand total. For example Joe bob has a con mod of 3. He still can have a number of templates = 4. His brother John has a con mod of +6. so after the game starts John could add up to 2 additional CR in templates.

- Your character must be reviewed & accepted by GM before playing. allow a week for review.
- start with 86 point for stats. you may raise or lower the numbers on a 1 for 1 basis. min score 6 max score 20 before any templates stats are added.
- after the 86 points are spend. A score can only be increased once buy templates or races. You take the greater of the values both for positive or negative values. For example temple A gives 2 strength while race B gives 4 str. The total is not 6 but 4 or 2 chosen by the player.

Step 2 – Fill Out The Details
After selecting your character you will need to fill in the remaining details.
Please list the reference (book/page) for the following: Class, Race, Feats, any non Wotc spell. (no need to list a reference for anything from players or DMG)

Other Considerations:

  • Regeneration and Fast Healing: If it is not stated otherwise all regeneration will be default as a trolls; weakness to fire & acid. IF you have both you may only use 1 in a given round the players choice.

Feats: Your character will receive 1 feat per level in addition to any feats gained as a bonus from class or race. Characters can only purchase repeatable feats once per every 2 levels.

Flaws: you have two options. MAX of 2 flaws

option A: You may take two (2) flaws that has a set penalty to receive an additional feat at 1st level.

option B: Any flaw that has a roll the Dc will be based against a stat there by converting it to a stat check in place of the normally required roll listed in the feat. The DC will be set by the DM at time of creation. The new DC for flaws is 15. An appropriate stat will be chosen to convert the flaw from what the text says is the required check if there is a check to be made. Each flaw taken like this you gain a feat. So it is a 1 for 1.For example: JoeBob has a flaw that states anytime he sees a dragon or dragon blooded creature he has to make a will save to avoid flying into a blind rage. Now He will have to make a WISDOM Check DC 15 to resist flying into a rage.

Gear: You start with gold based on your level (see DMG pg 135).

HP: Pc’s have max HP for the first three levels. the rest is half HD after 3.

Extra ordinary vs Su or SP
Extra ordinary only when it is explicitly stated that it is extra ordinary, otherwise it is SU or Sp as determined. The example is if you have physical wings then you have extraordinary flight. no wings will become SU or SP by default barring any text making it extra ordinary.

Spells/Spell-Like Abilities/Supernatural Abilities: If your character receives spells, spell-like abilities or a supernatural ability (such as Tongues always active), you gain access to them once you achieve a level that a wizard could cast them. If they are not on the wizard list, then the level a cleric or druid could cast them. (For example: Your race gives you fireball 3/day, you only gain access to that ability at 5th level.) All spell-like abilities use your CHA for determining DC (unless otherwise stated) unless they are not on the wizard spell list, or otherwise noted. (Use WIS if on Druid/Cleric list)

Spells/Spell-Like Abilities that are @ will: Having an ability that never runs out is very powerful. To limit it without crippling it a 1d20 roll will be made. If a 1-5 is rolled the ability works but you are unable to call upon the ability again based on the chart.


In addtion the GM has the right to modify any special ability/attack in needed. If any ability/attack/feat is @ will it may be reduced to X times a day. For example the ability to cast heal spell is an extremely strong ability. it might be reduced to 1/3 your HD usable per day.

HERO POINTS: Very similar to action points, with few changes.
• First they renew every Sunday’s game session.
• Each pc has their HD in hero points. For example a 8th level pc has 8 hero points
• May be spending in any combination up to full allotment to alter any D20 roll the PC has to make.
• May not be pooled or used to buy bonus feats.
• May spend 1 point to auto stabilize when reduced to negative HP.
• May spend 4 points to gain an extra move action this round.
• May spend 6 points to gain an extra standard action this round.
• May spend 10 points to gain an full round action this round.
• May spend 15 points or your full pool for the day to gain 1 immediate action this round.
• May spend 8 points to gain 1 reroll this round.
• A hero point may be used to fuel other special systems like 1 for 1 luck system, grit, etc action point (5 for 1 action point) for feats.
• If a class has a special pool. you may transfer hero points for a 1 to 1 basis only after your pool is empty.
• Any Spell-Like Abilities that are X times per Days. you may Spend hero points to gain an additional use. the cost is the cost is 1 per Spell level.
• Any spell’s casting time can be decreased by following the chart. each shift costs 1 point.
Casting 2

Magic and Psionics: They are identical PR = SR and so fourth.

PERSISTENT SPELLS Any spell whose duration is not 24 hours normally and is altered to or beyond 24 hours is considered persistent. A PC can only have 1/4 their Caster Level or Hit Dice (which ever is lower) in persistent spells. For example. John has a HD of 8 but thru feats/magic, etc has a caster level of 12. John could only have 2 persistent spells at any given time. This does not include racial always active abilities.

REPLACEMENT PCs Should a player find himself/herself in the position of replacing either a recently deceased PC or an existing PC. The new PC may use only 1/2 of the same templates/Races as either the recently dead one or any existing PC they have. For example: Tim has a paladin that is a human + thunderchild. He gets killed fighting a red dragon. His new PC MAYNOT be a human + thunderchild .

Resurrection: With a high magic world like this one returning from the dead is not difficult. To make a true resurrection more uncommon all true resurrections will require an deity appointed quest for the one receiving the true resurrection in addition to the spell requirements. Failure to progress in the quest will result in level losses until the quest is resumed.

all arcane casters need to provide a list of known spells or their spell books prior to starting play.

Wizards: Wizards enter play having (2+INT modifier) spells per level in their spellbook. Once play begins, wizards only gain 2 spells per level for free. The rest must be found or purchased. Spells selected must be as if you gained them during play (For example: If you start as a 5th level wizard with a 20 INT, you start with 7 spells per level for a total of 35. At 1st level you may select 7 1st level spells. Same at 2nd. At 3rd you may select 7 1st or 2nd or any combination between. Same at 4th. At 5th you may select 7 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or any combination of the three.) Wizards have the option of spending their starting funds on scrolls which will be added to their spellbook.

Spell Craft Check Modifications to DC:
Based on the spell and the source of it will adjust the dc of the spell identification. Start with a 10 and then add all relevant modifiers for the total DC check.

DC = 10 + spell level + Mod
Each of the following that is not seen alters the DC by 5. Providing the Spell normally has that component.

  • No visual
  • No material component
  • No somatic
  • Not on your list aka arcane vs. divine
  • Odd book / unusual source (non wotc aka ( players handbook, spell comp, etc…))
  • Customization
  • Line of Sight

An PC Arcane caster sees a magic missile cast by a evil wizard. Dc is 10 +1 = 11 since it only has V & S components; we ignore the material component since it is not normally a part of the spell.

Now say the the evil caster hides/conceals the verbal & somatic aspects of the spell.

Dc is 10+1+10+10= 31

as pathfinder is the MAIN allowed source of material for this game I the GM reserve the right to alter / change / ban / restrict/ or make changes on any material at any time.

Any email you wish to send concerning your pc’s actions for the week need to be in by weds.

Unless otherwise stated by the spell all detect spells will follow detect magic for limitations.


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